AlGhad Learner Profile

:As AlGhad Learners we strive to be


We are curious about the world around us; we are inquisitive and we always strive to understand more fully. We ask questions, we wonder why things are the way they are, we appreciate the value of researching our ideas and using scientific processes to test out their validity. We enthusiastically share our findings with our peers, reflect, and use the information to shape our next steps.

Problem Solvers

We utilize critical thinking skills when approaching a problem. Instead of generalizing our answers, we analyze the results and look at the individual factors that make up the problem. We can look at things from multiple perspectives and weigh up strengths and weaknesses. We are comfortable working with ambiguity.


We understand that the approach we use to solve a problem is as important as finding the answer. We are interested in not only what others are doing but why we act the way we do. We take time to pause and reflect on what we have done and how we can improve and adapt it for the future. Reflection is a key component in how we choose to learn.


We are comfortable working together, understand the value of team-work, and choose to work collaboratively as needed. We see value in both group work, pair work and individual work depending on the task at hand. We listen to our group members and see the value in their contributions.


We believe that creative potential is inside everyone. We express our ideas and apply both analytical and holistic thinking. We engage in hands-on learning and approach the learning process as one that can be enjoyable and a reward in and of itself. We see familiar things in new and different ways, and learn from and use mistakes.


We understand who we are –  our passions and interests, our strengths and weaknesses – and dream big for both now and our future. We seek out change, question how things can be done better and embrace innovation and continuous improvement. We are driven to find solutions to the challenges of our community and society at large, and act in the service of others.

Equipped for life and global citizenship

We are astute navigators of both the local and global landscape, and communicate effectively and confidently in our interaction with others. We are accountable for our actions, responsible and resourceful, and can prioritize, manage our time effectively, and be organized. We possess practical life skills that will aid us both now and in the future, such as looking after our health and well-being, budgeting and investing.

Emotionally Intelligent

We are aware of how our feelings affect our actions, and can empathise with the feelings of others. We have the knowledge and language to allow us to interpret and talk about our feelings: this makes us more resilient and able to persevere when confronted with challenges. We are equipped with skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy.


We are principled in our approach to research, work and in the ways in which we relate to others. Our ethics drive our approach when working with people, and are at the core of our decision-making process. We respect ourselves, all members of society, and the environment. When we encounter poor behavior such as bullying or cheating, we become agents of positive change and are active in countering such behavior.


We care about our school and society, and are sensitive to the needs of those around us. We listen to the opinions of others and our own voices are heard in our school. We are supportive of our peers and are confident in asking others for help. We are encouraged and inspired by the success of others, and find motivation in their example. We value difference and the uniqueness of people, and can relate to people from a variety of backgrounds with ease.