To equip students with a high-quality education AlGhad provides students with an enriched curriculum together with 21st century skills.

All students study the Saudi National Curriculum and an International Curriculum in the key learning areas of English, Mathematics and Science. Learning in the International enrichment program is guided by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) International Curriculum. This curriculum exemplifies current and best practice – it includes project-based learning and caters towards students with different interests and learning styles.

An overview of the different programs, together with the research and results for their effectiveness, can be found at the links below:

Subject Learning Resources
  K-5 English   Journeys
  Grades 6-11 English   Collections
  Grades 12 English   IELTS
  K-9 Science   Science Fusion
  K-8 Math   GoMath
  Grade 9 Math   Integrated Math

In addition to the International enrichment program, students also engage in a STEM / Maker program during the school year. The rationale behind this program is to promote hands-on learning that supports academic learning and emphasizes experimentation, collaboration and a can-do mindset.

Further information on the different learning resources used for the STEM / Maker program can be found at the links below:

STEM / Maker Program

Learning Resources

  Coding   Scratch
  3-D Design Engineering   Tinkercad
  Robotics   mBOT
  mBOT Ranger