About Us

The AlGhad community is comprised of dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and references a rich history of high academic and social standards. At AlGhad, students receive a high-quality education in an environment that inspires and enables them to become leaders in a global world.

How can you get involved in your son / daughter’s learning? At AlGhad, we provide a variety of ways for you to participate in school events, and welcome you, as your child’s first teacher, to partner with us in their learning. We look forward to your involvement, and invite you to keep in regular contact with your son / daughter’s teachers and Principal.

Our community is committed to serving children and is continuously exploring how we may better meet the needs of each student. Through setting high expectations, the provision of a rich curriculum and the promotion of hard work and effort, we strive to cultivate an enduring love of learning that will equip your son / daughter to succeed throughout their school career and beyond.

To support your son / daughter’s learning, we ask that you encourage them for their contributions, take time to have conversations about their day at school, and assist them to be well prepared for the start of a new day. In order to fulfil our commitments, we will keep you updated and informed of their progress, and bring school news and events to your attention.

Through forging this close partnership, we will indeed create the right environment together for your son / daughter’s success both today and tomorrow.