AlGhad Student Council


Student Council members learn how to set an agenda, brainstorm ideas, solve problems, vote, advertise, and manage events, as they develop their citizenship skills and teamwork. All of these important skills help representatives to become well-rounded school leaders.

The Role of the Student Council

The AlGhad Student Council (AGS Student Council) represents the voice of our students. Its main purpose is to promote initiative, enthusiasm, pride and cooperation among students through their involvement in student government, development of policies, and participation in activities affecting the student body.

In brief, the Student Council:

  • provides students with an opportunity to become involved in school and community activities.
  • plans school-wide special activities, promotes school pride, and provides input to the administration on issues of student concern.
  • organizes and helps support school events and service projects intended to strengthen the connections between our school and the community in which we live.

It should be noted that the Student Council should not through its activities interfere with, or detract from, the authority of school management or the teaching staff of the school. It is therefore not a function of a Student Council to discuss or comment on matters relating to the employment or professional affairs of the Principal, teachers and other staff of the school.

Council Goals

.Each Student Council can set their own goals at the start of the year

For example:

Student Council Goals

  • Encourage students, their families and friends, and members of the broader community to actively participate in community-oriented school events.
  • Provide opportunities for all students to demonstrate their positive school spirit and be safe, be responsible, respectful and kind.
  • Help others who are in need, on and off campus, through service projects.
  • Champion student efforts to create a cleaner, safer, friendlier school community and campus, including during recess. Celebrate our successes.

Student Council Meetings

  • Officers shall meet twice each month or as needed with staff advisors to develop agendas for the regular Student Council meeting and / or discuss special events.
  • The Student Council will meet one to two times a month, led by the Student Council Officers, with the Staff Advisors acting in an advisory role. All members of the Student Council are required to attend these meetings.
  • Officers shall meet with the Principal in their office on a monthly basis. This get-together is an opportunity for the officers and administration to communicate what is going well and acknowledge accomplishments, discuss problems, present ideas and develop proposals. The meetings provide student leaders with the opportunity to play an active role in strengthening our school community.
  • Student Council Committees shall meet on an ad-hoc basis.

Duties of Student Council Leaders


1- President

  • Represents the student body at school meetings.
  • Acts as an intermediary between the Student Council and the administration.
  • Develops agendas for and presides at student council meetings.
  • Votes when there is a tie.
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


2- Vice President

  • Presides over meetings if/when the President is unable to do so.
  • Keeps a record of each member’s involvement in activities.
  • Responsible for roll call at each meeting.
  • Coordinates the work of committees.
  • Heads important committees.
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


3- Secretary

  • Keeps accurate minutes of meetings.
  • Reports at each meeting the minutes from previous meeting.
  • Handles all council correspondence.
  • Types materials for student council officers and committees.
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


4- Treasurer

  • Presents proposed budget of activities to the student council.
  • Handles all funds.
  • Keeps accurate records of income and expenses.
  • Reports the balance of funds at each council meeting.
  • Coordinates fundraising projects of the student council.
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


5- Public Relations Officer – School Pride

  • Writes school news releases, announcements, and advertisements related to activities for building school pride.
  • Announces student council-sponsored school pride events.
  • Keeps accurate records of major school pride events and activities.
  • Coordinates publicity for special school pride events and projects such as posters and flyers.
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


6- Public Relations Officer – Service Projects

  • Writes school news releases, announcements, and advertisements related to service projects.
  • Announces student council-sponsored service events.
  • Keeps accurate records of major service events and activities.
  • Coordinates publicity for special service events and projects such as posters and flyers.
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


7- Class Representatives

  • Attend student council meetings and report back to classrooms.
  • Report class feedback to the council.
  • Act with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


The four expectations of student council members are:

  1. Talk to classmates and friends about activities in which they are interested.
  2. Bring those ideas to meetings.
  3. Work together as a team to plan activities.
  4. Spread school pride.


8- Committee Chairperson

  • Recruits members for committee.
  • Writes the agenda and runs the committee meetings.
  • Informs officers of progress and problems that arise.
  • Delegates tasks of the committee and follows up with members to be sure tasks are completed.
  • Fulfills the committee goals/action plan as designated
  • Acts with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.


9- Committees

  • Responsible for special projects
  • Elect chairperson to lead the committee.
  • Projects may include: school pride, safety, awards, etc.

Student Council Election Rules

  1. A student wishing to run for an officer or class representative position, must fill in the appropriate application form, complete with signatures from teacher(s), and a parent or guardian.
  2. Each candidate must consistently meet AlGhad School expectations of being a positive role model, responsible and respectful of others.
  3. Each candidate must be prepared to promptly make up all work missed in class while participating in Council activities.
  4. If a candidate misses a deadline or breaks an election rule, they may be disqualified from running for an office.
  5. Candidates for President and Vice President must be in Year 6 (Senior Elementary School) and Year 3 (Middle / High School). Candidates for Secretary, or Treasurer must be in Year 5 or 6 (Senior Elementary School) and Year 2 or 3 (Middle / High School). Candidates for Public Relations may be in Year 4, 5 or 6 (Senior Elementary School) and Year 1, 2 or 3 (Middle / High School).
  6. Candidates must prepare a speech (maximum 90 seconds long), and give their speech to students, at a time and date specified by the advisors. Students will receive coaching and an opportunity to practice their speeches prior to giving the speech.
  7. Candidates may create up to three posters using the approved paper by the specified due date. Posters must be submitted to the advisors for approval, and may only be posted in approved locations.
  8. Candidates must run their campaigns in a fair and honest manner. They may not put down other candidates. If a candidate has a question about whether he/she can do something, check with the advisors.
  9. Candidates may not have buttons, extra posters, flyers, or other material. They may not promise things that cost money, or give out candy, gum, or items.
  10. Candidates may be disqualified from running if they break a rule.